Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Landscape Overview:
Elevating Creative Production through Simplicity 

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Marketing and creative teams considering a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solution may find themselves overwhelmed by the breadth of solutions in the current market. As more companies are bringing their creative teams in-house and the demand for creative content continues to grow, an MRM solution is the key for many teams to bridge the gap between their marketing and creative teams.

During this webinar we will:

  • The top features and functionality you should look for in an MRM solution
  • How inMotion ignite both fits into and shifts the landscape of Marketing Resource Management
  • How to make 2019 the year your creative team streamlines their process to fulfill your brand promise and meet the ever-increasing demand for creative content.


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About Guest Speaker - Rusty Warner (Forrester)

Rusty serves B2C Marketing Professionals. His research focuses on marketing technologies, including customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, enterprise marketing platforms, real-time interaction management, and digital customer experience delivery. Rusty helps organizations ensure that marketing technology investments are aligned with strategies to meet shifting customer expectations and support the BT agenda — technologies, systems, and processes to win, serve, and retain customers.


About Speaker - Alex Withers (inMotionNow)

Alex is a seasoned digital technology and marketing executive with over 15 years of experience occupying Director, VP of Marketing, and CMO roles at major orgaizations, including Pepsi, ESPN, USGA, the Financial Times, Sageworks, and LexisNexis. As CMO of inMotionNow, Alex leverages his industry experience to engage marketing and creative teams across a diverse range of industries that can strengthen the way they work and become more efficient by automating their workflow.